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HR Forum 2019

The HR Forum is a platform that seeks to bring HR practitioners and other players in the industry together to share, learn and deliberate on contemporary issues affecting the world of HR in Ghana and beyond. It seeks to bring these professionals together to brainstorm ways of overcoming the current Human Resource challenges. There are also presentations by experienced international and local resource persons in the field of HR.


Admission for this year’s conference is only free for individual subscribers of HR Focus Africa [Individual Subscription for a year is only GHC 50]. Admission for non-individual subscribers is GHC100 only.


To subscribe now, and to book your free seat, contact the Editor-in-Chief, Revina ( or call+233 24 918 8155.


To book your seat for GHC100, and for further enquiries about the HR Focus Conference, please contact Daniel ( or call+233 20 7947708.

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